Thera maybe others who think that art is not needed in the life of people That is because of the limitations of life a person has. Only the basic needs are considered to be useful. But even the basic things that are used every day, we can see art in them. An example is the design of the dress or clothes one wears. There are images or embroidery or the color and how it is stitched. All of them has an art in it. Art is already part of our life but we may think differently.

We may only think of the artworks that are displayed in art galleries that people go and see. But art could be simple and small and this makes our life fun and has joy in it. When we see this artwork whether small, it can be the source of warmth and happiness. As you feel joy and warmth, it then lessens the stress that you are carrying. It is also a way that let you think of creative things that you can do. The work of art affect people who are visual than others who are not.

Then why one would want art in their life and be an artist? That is because art helps one person express himself as not all could express themselves very well in words. It is also a time to let the talent of one person known. We could be surprised sometimes when we come to know that one of our acquaintance could draw very well. This could also make them gain confidence. Others who use art can excel academically.