There are many different works of art all over the world. If you are one of those who love collecting any work of art, that’s awesome! Whether it is a painting, drawing, photo, woodcraft, and so on, a collection of these things is a great hobby. Not everyone appreciates any work of art. Each of us have different interests in life. If you have experienced visiting any art gallery, for sure you have seen different works of art. It would be good if you can appreciate them.

You probably have heard about the most famous and most expensive paintings in the world. In the above video, it shows some of the most expensive paintings found all over the world. What could be the reason why these paintings mentioned are expensive and famous? For sure you are familiar with some of the famous painters such as Leonardo da Vinci and one of his famous painting which is The Last Supper. Do you know that many famous paintings worth millions of dollars? This is a nice catering buffet service for your big party to hire on. Try to click 服務人員 to check on more services offered. This is a good catering that you might love.

Each painting or any work of art have its own meaning. Though not everyone can understand the real meaning of a painting, only the painter himself know it. Can you believe that a painting which look simple and there’s no meaning is actually one of the most expensive? Perfect examples of this are Interchange worth more than 300 million dollars, The Card Players by Paul Cezanne worth almost 300 million dollars and Number 17A is an abstract painting by Jackson Pollock worth more than 200 million dollars. This place gets best catering service from this company look info here To assure every customers satisfaction.