When you have your favorite artwork, you would want it to be stored correctly when you do not have space yet to hang it. You would not want it to be degraded that is why knowing the proper way to do it is important as there is some artwork that really needs special care. That is because of the materials that were used so they must be stored in the proper way. If you are moving then you also need to take care of them.

You can read all the six tips that are given in the above infographic. If you have no idea about your artwork then make a research. You may just buy it and you d not know what are the materials used and you have not asked it before. If you had done the work itself then you know what you have used so you can research directly how to store it properly. Artworks that you may have inherited may need more care as they may be older already.

That is why if you have received it with packaging that is still useful, you may want to keep it as you may need it to use next time when you have the plan to move or to store things first. You may want to alternate your displays so keep them and reuse them. The tips above maybe lacking for you if you want the specifics so you can make additional research or you may find them on this website.